IZTOK PARKSIDE is exemplary of fresh concept and modern design – the complex is “submerged” in the urban design and yet it is outstanding. The different number of floors contained in each building makes them different from one another while creating the sensation of complex completion meanwhile. The apartments are spacious, with big windows and glass elements thus blurring the difference between interior and exterior and giving the complex its unique style.


BREEAM (BRЕ EnvironmentalAssessment Method) is the leading and most broadly utilized method for measuring buildings’ impact onto environment. The British standard is being implemented all around the world and it could be utilized when assessing various building types nationally and internationally.




Arco Real Estate Bulgaria

ArcoReal Estate invests, constructs and manages two of the most attractive projects in Sofia – the multifunctional BLVD Residence and the residential Manastirski L!VD Apartments. Our mission is about being comprehensive and valuable partner when it comes to decision-making in the real estate area.


BLVD Residence

Luxurious residential building with controlled access that is located in Sofia’s housing complex Oborishte.


LIVD Apartments

Modern residential complex of 3 buildings, situated in the Southern housing complex of Sofia – Manastirski livadi - Zapad.

Arco Real Estate Estonia & Latvia

Arco Real Estate is part of Arco Vara Group, which was founded back in 1992 in Estonia. The company is the largest service provider for real estates in the Baltic countries while developing and operating several large residential and multifunctional projects throughout Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria.


Kodulahe Estonia

Residential complex that comprises of 5 buildings located in Tallinn, at the sea shore.


Liepziedi Latvia

Residential building located near the Riga harbour, with picturesque view of the Ķīšezers lake.