Arco Real Estate

Arco Real Estate invests in the development of attractive projects in perspective Sofia regions and in the other district towns throughout the country. The highlight is on projects with medium and high construction, and unfolded area from 5 000 to 15 000 m2, which makes it possible to outline medium-sized residential buildings that provide comfort and calmness for their inhabitants, as well as their consecutive easy management.


BLVD Residence is a multifunctional building performed in conformity with the European standard, with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. It contains 89 housings with controlled access, 165 parking lots and garages, convenient access to shopping centre with various shops and offices with independent entrance.


Architectural solutions

The buildings are designed with rational distributions, without wasting any space, with spacious rooms and modern architectural solutions, whose aim is to turn into emblem for the region and the towns it is located in.

Cares after nature

Additionally, Arco Real Estate has been working devotedly on buildings’ energy efficiency with the integration of the latest solutions in green construction – high-quality, environmentally friendly systems made of solar installations, energy efficient elevators, façade made of recycled materials, water-meters with radio control and cabling for “clever home” with the opportunity for remote control of the main installations.

High quality construction

The degree of completion is plastering and putty. The construction is being performed in conformity with the European standard, with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. Among the main elements it is worth mentioning the thermal-ceramic and modern façade, quality joinery, external doors, cabling and 24-hour guards and video-surveillance.


LIVD apartments is a complex of 3 residential buildings located onto underground parking lot with over 260 parking lots and garages connected to every apartment with convenient internal connection. The project includes 272 apartments and 25 sales sites. Patio and children playground are available to the complex inhabitants at any time.


Arco Real Estate

With almost 25 years of experience in the real estates area and solid regional presence, Arco Real Estate relies to the synergy of its divisions for rendering services and making investments in order to maintain the leadership status in the industry.


Kodulahe is a new apartment quarter located in Talin, Estonia, surrounded by both forest and sea. Kodulahe Quarter is made up of 5 buildings, the first of which (Lahepea 7) will be ready in the summer of 2017. World renown architects, KAMP, have authored the visual appearance of Kodulahe Quarter, whereas RAMM Ehitus takes care of the construction and quality of the building.



In 2006 Arco Vara founded Arco Real Estate in Sofia. Only 2 years later we undertook the construction process of the first two residential projects: BLVD Residence and Manastirski LIVD Apartments. All housings are realized. In 2014 the agency expanded its operations along the Black Sea coastline and in 2015 the Financial Supervision Commission issued license for Association of the Companies with Special Investment Objective to Arco Fund for Real Estates, Bulgaria.


In 1992 Arti Arakas founded Arco Vara. This was followed by rapid growth and development, offices were opened in the large cities and in the next 15 years the company implemented some of the largest construction projects in the Baltic countries - Veskimöldre (1996),  Merivälja 2 (1998), Baltezers (2002), Kodukolde (2009), Tehnika 53 (2013)  and many more.


In 1997 Arco Vara founded Arco Real Estate in Riga. In the years to come we opened offices in the large cities and the team grew to over 80 people.


The new project LIEPZIEDI is six-storey building that provides picturesque view of the Ķīšezers lake on one hand and harbour panorama on the other. The complex façade is designed in such manner that makes it possible to harmonically merge with the surrounding environment that is in tune with its natural tones.